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Saturday, August 06, 2011

Does Google Page Rank Matter?

Sweet Blog

"You would not believe how many times I am asked ‘does page rank matter’. The simple answer is ‘Yes’. "

"You will see many self proclaimed SEO experts talk about the value of backlinks, but dismiss PR as irrelevant. However Google Page Rank is Google’s Measurement of incoming backlinks and their value. When these SEO Experts dismiss PR and disagree that Page Rank matters, they are infact saying that backlinks are unimportant, which often contradicts what they are saying about backlinks directly.

The pagerank of a webpage is calculated independently for each webpage (not website) on the Internet. Page Rank is calculated in varying ways, and there are currently only estimations which can guide you on using backlinks to increase your page rank. Despite this the most accurate way to gauge Page Rank is by gaining backlinks to your own webpage, so don’t be confused, page rank does matter.

Of course it is important to point out that a high page rank does not automatically mean a number one Google Position, I have PR1 webpages beating PR5 webpages. But since Page Rank is basically a visual display of Googles Link Value algorithm, it is a good guide to how many backlinks a site has, and their value. The rest of Googles ranking algorithm is rumored to have nearly 300 components, which help to decide the relevance of a webpage, Page Rank is but a small part of that complex world which I have had to explore to bring traffic to my blog!"

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