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Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Save 62% on Battlestar Galactica complete series Blu-Ray or DVD - Gold Box Deal of the Day

Gold Box Deal of the Day: Save 62% on Battlestar Galactica

Follow Adama, Starbuck, and Apollo as they lead a universe of survivors in the search for Earth while battling the Cylons

click to save 62% on the complete Battlestar Galactica series on Blu-Ray & DVD

Jim Halpert:By any chance did you see Battlestar Galactica?
Andy:No I did not. Was that any good?
Jim Halpert:Actually not. It was really so-so. I mean I like all the
crazy monsters and stuff, you know like Klingons and
Wookies and all that but... Sorry, was there something
you wanted to add Dwight?
Andy:Is that anything like the original Battlestar Galactica.
Jim Halpert:You what's weird? It's practically a shot for shot
Andy:Really? Huh. Cool.
Jim Halpert:The story's kind of bland. It's about this guy named
Dumbledore Calrissian and he has to return the ring
back to Mordor.
Andy:That doesn't sound right...

Battlestar Galactica Complete Series on DVD for $76.99 or Blu-Ray for $113.99

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