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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

SuperBall IX: Phish Summer Tour Tent & Sleeping Bag $100 Special + Free Shipping!

17'x10' Coleman Summer Tour Tent + Warm Weather Sleeping Bag = $100 shipped

You know The Phish's Super Ball IX is THE family friendly festie of the summer, this is the perfect tent for you. But maybe you're lame and don't have any kids and are going to kick it old school with your krew and your droogs... so either way, if you're going to wook out in overnight camping on Phish 3.0 Summer Tour 2011, you know, beautiful scenic locales like Bethel / Yasgurs Farm, Watkins Glen / Super Ball 9, The Gorge at George, Float-Rite Amp, Dick's Sporting Goods parking lot, wherever, you want a big ass tent so you don't have to get too physical with your crew at 4 am while you try to crash wishing you made that hotie reservation. This eight-man will give 3 or 4 dudes plenty of room, with space to spare if there's a thunderstorm and your dogs Hetty and Mollie need to come inside. Not specifically endorsed by The Rev, but find him on lot and you can probably get him to bless it or smudge it or some such. Here's the deal you get... (wait, what?)


Buy a Coleman Red Canyon Tent, Get a Free Clear Lake Sleeping Bag
For a limited time, get a Coleman Clear Lake Warm-Weather Sleeping Bag for free with your purchase of Coleman's Red Canyon 8-Person Modified Dome Tent. Be sure to click the "Add both to cart" button to get it free


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